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East Bay Buccaneers Youth Football and Cheerleading

Open board Positions and responsibilities

Concession Director
- Coordinate pricing, purchasing and sale of goods in the concession stand.
- Direct the activities of the workers in the concession stand.
- Ob
three (3) bids yearly for items consistently purchased by the League to ensure the best prices available and that delivery is achieved as required for practices, home games and other activities as deemed necessary by the board of directors. Yearly buying and pricing shall be approved by the board of directors at a regular board meeting.
- Buy or coordinate the buying of all supplies needed to operate the concession.
- Deliver all monies earned to the Treasurer as soon as possible for deposit in the bank. All monies will be recorded and double verified by two (2) board of directors members.
- Ensure all equipment such as, but not limited to, fryers, grills, refrigerators/freezers, ice machines, soda fountain is maintained in good working order in accordance with manufacturer specifications. If repairs are necessary they are required to submit the appropriate bids to the board of directors.
- Ensure the concession stand and areas common to it as well as the equipment that is contained therein is cleaned following each event.
- Arrange to have the building and equipment deep cleaned at the conclusion of each season. Bids are to be submitted to the board of directors at the December board meeting.

Assistant Concession Director
-Carries out the duties of the Concession Director in his/her absence.
- Assists the Concession Director in all his/her job functions.

Assistant Cheer Trustee/Director
-Carries out the duties of the Cheer Director in his/her absence
-Assists the Cheer Director in his/her job functions.
-Has access to all required books and records.
-Send monthly Conference meetings with and/or in place of the Cheer Director.
-Replaces the Cheer Director, in case of resignation, as the Conference representative.
-Works with the Cheer Director, the Cheer Equipment Director and the Assistant Cheer Equipment Director in the choosing, purchasing, ordering and distributing all cheerleading equipment.

If interested in any of these positions please email us at [email protected].  An outline of qualifications is preferred but not a requirement for selection.

2019 Board of Directors


Board Position(year of Elec) Name                    Email


Wayne Dennis  [email protected]

Vice President(O)

Curtis (CJ) Dupont  [email protected]


Tammy Jo Ferguson  [email protected]


Scott Rieger  [email protected]

Assistant Treasurer(O)

Stephani Colston  [email protected]

Football Trustee(O)

Jerrel (JC) Colston  [email protected]

Assistant Football Trustee(E)

Open Position   

Cheer Trustee(O)

Brandy Dupont
 [email protected]
  Assistant Cheer Trustee(E)

Open Position
  Player Director(O)

Ashley Rieger
  [email protected]
  Assistant Player Director(E)

Dorian Edwards  [email protected]
Football Coaching Director(O)

Marc Peternell  [email protected]

 Assistant Coaching Director(E) Daryl Lugo  [email protected]
Concession Director(O)

Open Position
Assist. Concession Director(E)

Open Position  
Fundraising Director(O)

Christine Hill   [email protected]

 Assist. Fundraising Director(E)

Monica Williams
  [email protected]
Football Equipment Director(E)

Curt Hill
 [email protected]
Assist. Football Equipment Director(O)

Reese Ferguson
  [email protected]
Cheer Equipment Director(E)

Terry Malo  [email protected]
Assist. Cheer Equipment Director(O)

Cyenne Bull   [email protected]
Team Parent Director(E)

Krista Lugo  [email protected]
Publicity Director(O)

Maria Blanco
 [email protected]
Field Director(E)

Bennie Leonard
 [email protected]

Safety Director(O)

George Boswell  [email protected]