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East Bay Buccaneers Youth Football and Cheerleading

Safety, Policies & Rules

  OFFICIAL EAST BAY BUCCANEERS BY LAWS (click on picture below):

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We ARE East Bay Buccaneers!  Our organization prides itself on our values, mission and overall family atmosphere. As such, we ask all of our families and patrons, while in attendance at the Football Stadium/Park and its relative common areas, to adhere, encourage and help enforce our Park/Facility's Policies and Rules.  Combined are the Tri-County Youth Football and Cheerleading Conference's Rules as well as our very own park-specific guidelines. They are as follows

Emergency Plan


For a severe or significant injury requiring paramedic response a designated member of the board will be available at the main entry leading to the park and another designated board member will open the east gate leading to the facility to allow emergency vehicles access directly on to the field. Parking within the field near the east gate is only allowed for board members and head coaches only during practice. If a player is injured and is unable to move or get up under their own power, no person is to try to move, lift, or turn the injured player. This is especially critical if a head, neck or spinal injury is suspected. In such an event, the helmet should not be removed. Emergency services (911) will be contacted immediately. Parents should be contacted immediately and reassurance should be given to the player until further help arrives.

For injuries not requiring paramedic response (cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc.) every head coach will be equipped with a basic first aid kit. The player’s parent(s) should be notified if any first aid was administered to their child. For children with asthma or severe allergies the parent should have an inhaler, Benadryl, or epi-pen (whatever is suitable for their child’s condition) available at the practice field. If a child has this type of condition, a parent/guardian must stay at the practice field so they can be available in the case of an asthma or allergy attack. All coaches and board members are CPR, first aid & AED certified. The AED unit is located in the concession stand on the east end of the facility. In the event of an emergency, the coaches and/or board members present will assess the situation, call 911 and deliver the appropriate treatment based on the severity of the injury or distress by administering first aid, CPR and/or the use of AED until at which time emergency respondents arrive.


After severe weather the East Bay Buccaneers may postpone or cancel scheduled events. As a matter of safety and precaution all activities must come to a stop when there is lightning in close proximity to the facility. The safety director will have a lightning detection device on their person at all times when the weather forecast calls for the possibility of storms in the area during a scheduled event. When a storm is approaching and lightning is in close proximity, the safety director will suspend activities until the threat has moved away or dissipated. All children are expected to wait in their parent/guardian’s vehicles until the all clear is given. In the event a parent/guardian is not available each child is to remain with their respective coach at a designated safe area until either the parent arrives or the all clear is given to resume activities.

It is important and expected that parents/guardians notify their child’s coach if they are leaving the facility. No one is to leave the facility unless the scheduled event is deemed cancelled by the safety director or a member of the board. Anyone who fails to comply may be subject to disciplinary actions outlined in the attendance rules established by the respective coach, organization, league or event planner.

Please note the emergency response procedures outlined above also apply to parents, patrons, officials and any other person(s) visiting or using our facilities during a sanctioned East Bay Buccaneer’s event.


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